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After US Congressman Robert Pittenger's first few months in office, he was determined to do something for our soldiers and their families. He called Rone Reed and asked if he would organize an event to that end. Given Rone's background as Green Beret and involvement with several Special Forces oriented charities, an event was created that will include many of the special operations community quiet heros and leaders at the Meadow Woods Plantation south of Charlotte. Further, Congressman Pittenger is the Chairman for the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. The soldiers benefiting from this event are directly related to the task force he is leading.

Organizing Committee

  • Rone Reed, Chairman

  • Stacy Chaffin

  • Marc Sowell

  • Susan Gray

  • John Chinuntdet

  • Gordie Vap

  • Brenden Byrnes

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